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Our Resource Centre is a usable platform of rich development and academic- resources and a blend of life-changing, materials, which are meant to impact positively on its users in ways that will empower, engage them and improve their advocacy works and literatures; as well as help them to access and share an improved network of research knowledge and community engagement with peoples from all walks of life.

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Our one-of-its-kind Digital Library for Development Works is a unique ICDI collaborative project with the department of International Development, University of East London.

The Digital Library for Development works is a one-stop shop, global gateway and resource platform for International development literatures, projects and works. It provides free and open access to full-text articles, papers, projects and dissertations.

The library resource contains author-submission portals; Image Databases; Comprehensive Bibliography of development works and projects; Keyword Thesaurus, and links to relevant reference sources on the study of development.

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ICDI national, regional and international reputation and experience are important to its research, lobbying and advocacy work. It employs an integrated, systematic approach and strategies to engage the ordinary people and authorities to join together to show decision–makers that they care about development and social reforms in the world, and to demand change.

In the United King


dom and EU, and some countries of West and Southern Africa, we have constantly been in process of building networks and data-bases for around 50,000 youths and several adults who are serving and volunteering as ICDI researchers and campaigners, who helps to engage communities and collate information, engage in project delivery and implementation, and put pressure on those with the power to make a difference, either by presenting facts through research, visiting them, or holding special events to attract local and national media attention and raising public awareness of national and global issues, or take part in peaceful protests at meetings of national and world leaders to influence reform issues and policy thrusts.

As a long-term strategic focus, ICDI is also campaigning side by side with other major and global ‘partner’ organizations, both in UK and elsewhere, to ensure that it makes a truly global impact.




In ICDI, skills improvement, long–term human and sustainable development and a strengthened citizenry is our watchword through dedication to qualitative research and collective response, campaigning and advocacy work, in all that we do.

We strive not only to meet, but also routinely exceed society’s expectations through continual improvement, international alliance and civil participatory to a worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizen and organizations engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity.




200401806-001At International Centre for Development Initiatives (ICDI) we are guided by an unwavering commitment to voluntary service excellence through self – management, informed advocacy, team work, efficiency, innovation and quality – consciousness.

We recognize and measure our success by achievement and impact in development leadership, the proficient recognition of our contributions, adequate feed backs from supported groups and communities, and being a responsible and supportive civil society organization.

We believe that the strength of our impacts is derived from the ability of our networks and volunteers to respond to communities needs with keen forensic sense and pragmatic approach that values multi – disciplinary inputs in every identified intervention effort.

It is ground knowledge that ICDI is a people–oriented social enterprise, and we do everything possible to make the community’s experience with us one with pleasant memories of impacting development.





Our project and programme initiatives and campaign activities can be internal, external or based on cooperation requests from clients.

ICDI’s conferences, seminars as well as focus-group discussions and training programmes are aspects of our ongoing research programme. Our field-research programmes and publishing operations list are continuously developing with a view to furthering our organizational objectives and goals. ICDI offers extensive, free and policy resources; via our website to local and global policy-makers, public administrators and independent researchers and institutions as well as civil society practitioners worldwide.

In-house and external trainings, events consultancy and research services are provided in response to requests from partner organisations.

See more on our project page and campaign reports for more details about the kind of work we have done, the progress we are making and with whom.





Download projects and campaigns reports, academic papers, delivered speeches and research materials, Datasets, research methodology guides, etc)


Distance learning and women marginalization: The gender oriented perspective (G.O.P)


PROJECT LOYAL Model Document


PROJECT LOYAL Field Technical and Methodological Report


ICDI Development Series Research Report — Assessing World Bank Capital Policy (October, 2013)



British Council     www.britishcouncil.org

World Bank Group    www.worldbank.org/

World Bank Institute    www.worldbank.org/wbi/

Women’s World Summit Foundation (World’s Day for prevention of Child Abuse)    http://www.woman.ch

Human Development & Capacity Association (HDCA)    www.hd-ca.org

Central European University, Hungary     www.ceu.hu

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Integrity Education and Anti – Corruption in Nigeria     www.efccnigeria.org

European University Centre for peace Studies, Austria       www.epu.ac.at

European Regional Masters Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South-East Europe     www.cps.edu.ba

Good Governance Programme Centre for Human Rights Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria Republic of South Africa    www.chr.up.ac.za/ggp

Oxfam West Africa     www.oxfam.org.sn or www.oxfam.org.uk

Nigeria Social Forum (NSF)   www.nsf.org

Civicus International (World Alliance for Citizens Participation)   www.civicus.org

Pambazuka International (online Resource)    www.pambazuka.org

University for Peace (UPEACE) Africa Programme     www.upeace.org or www.upeace.ch

Global Campaign for Education (GCE)      www.campaignforeducation.org

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation    www.fes.de    or    www fes.-geneva.org      or    www.fesny.org      or      www.fes.de/globalization

Bank Information Centre (United States)    www.biscusa.org

Trakoo Online Directory & Search Engine      www.trakoo.com

Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPC) Nigeria     www.bpeng.com

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World Association of Newspapers (WAN)      www.wan-press.org