ICDI Development Series Research Report-July-2014

In our July 2014 DEVELOPMENT SERIES RESEARCH, ICDI examines the roles of the United States in the diplomatic struggles and survival of Iran and Syria in an another global research development-driven self-funded intensive and ground-breaking research.

Executive Summary

This research work illustrates the roles of United States as a major and powerful actor in world politics and crisis management with a comparative analysis of Syria and Iran. The United States leadership role in world politics and its position as a superpower nation is explored in this study. The United States foreign policies towards Iran and Syria and its involvement in the relationship between these two aforementioned countries will be examined and analysed. This research study also analyses the United States concerns in the Iranian nuclear weapons programme and the Syria’s civil war.

The angles at which this research study explores this topic is through the background of the study; literature reviews; theoretical frameworks; analysis of the United States involvement in the relationship between Syria and Iran; the factors that contribute to influencing their relationship; and impact of the United States foreign sanctions towards Iran and Syria.