Welcome to ICDI

We are an impact driven research and development organization with a strong and vibrant local and international community of engagement platforms. Our programmes and projects bring together youth, parents and community leaders; government practitioners, stakeholders, media and researchers to explore cutting best-practices regarding good governance, anti-corruption and public administration initiatives.

Our specialization areas include but are not limited to good governance, education development advocacies and research. We advocate comparative education, inclusive governance and promote participatory budgeting and public accountability initiatives; migration for development, diversity and community development; youth leadership and mentoring; and change management as well as technology-enhanced learning. Our centre houses several innovative and multi-disciplinary research think-tank teams comprising of recognized and seasoned researchers, academics, consultant, professionals and policy makers.

We provide consultancy services, research and training. We also organize international conferences, seminars and charity programmes and produce cutting-edge publications. ICDI also implements a number of Institutional-collaborative initiatives, events and research studies for specific themes, issues and or geographical regions.

ICDI is on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) Reference No.: 10040637