Our Advocacy Policy

At ICDI, skills improvement, long–term human and sustainable development and a strengthened citizenry is our watchword through dedication to qualitative research and collective response, campaigning and advocacy work, in all that we do.

We strive not only to meet, but also routinely exceed society’s expectations through continual improvement, international alliance and civil participatory to a worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizen and organizations engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity.



At International Centre for Development Initiatives (ICDI) we are guided by an unwavering commitment to voluntary service excellence through self – management, informed advocacy, team work, efficiency, innovation and quality – consciousness.

We recognize and measure our success by achievement and impact in development leadership, the proficient recognition of our contributions, adequate feed backs from supported groups and communities, and being a responsible and supportive civil society organization.

We believe that the strength of our impacts is derived from the ability of our networks and volunteers to respond to communities needs with keen forensic sense and pragmatic approach that values multi – disciplinary inputs in every identified intervention effort.

It is ground knowledge that ICDI is a people–oriented social enterprise, and we do everything possible to make the community’s experience with us one with pleasant memories of impacting development.